Canva Essentials for Small Businesses...

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create eye-catching social media content.

Learn the design and Canva basics in this 1 hour online masterclass – so you can begin to create professional looking graphics to promote and market your business!

It’s one of a kind – no other course combines design with Canva!

"I've been using Canva for over a year and I've learned so much more in such a short space of time and now I know what to do!" Eleanor

Something that is very important for all small business owners right now as we come out of lockdown – is to connect with their customers and engage with new ones. 

To stand out from the noise and be seen!

Canva is a great online programme because it is specifically created for non-designers and I’ve encouraged lots of my clients to use Canva so they can create the everyday social stuff – BUT a lot of my clients are wasting lots of their precious time!

They feel overwhelmed – and still don’t know how to make something look good!

Being a teacher of design and a graphic designer I knew I could help! 

So I’ve designed a masterclass like no other  – to show you the basics of design and Canva all in 1 hour masterclass!

No other course teaches you the design basics and Canva in 1 place. It’s perfect for getting you started and it is the only course of its kind!

No more searching for Canva tutorials, or YouTube guides that only increase overwhelm – it’s all in 1 place!

This Canva Essentials Masterclass is heavily discounted – so you can get on the right track and start creating great marketing material to promote and grow your business!


This masterclass is for you - if you say "Yes that's me" to any of these points... you are in the right place!

Look what’s inside...

Canva Essentials masterclass is split into 2 sections – the design part and the Canva step-by-step guide.

Part 1: Design Essentials

I believe every small business owner needs to understand the design basics to be able to know how their brand should be applied. In this masterclass, you are introduced to the fundamentals of design – why a design looks good with examples so you can visually see the difference! You will learn the very basics of colour, space, imagery and type and even what formats to use for web and print!

Part 2: Canva Essentials

Using a template I have designed I will take you through a step-by-step guide showing you the basics tools and techniques to use in Canva, with an over-the-shoulder viewpoint. We will explore how to use colour, fonts, elements, shapes, stock imagery and templates, so you know how to change and brand design to make it fit your business! 

And the biggest bonus is knowing ‘the designer’s secret’ – you don’t just do the one design, you do a few until you get it right!

Small business owners who have completed the masterclass can now use Canva with confidence, being able to use their new found design skills and apply the techniques to their own designs is a great feeling! 

NO more wasting time. NO more feeling that you are stuck. NO more overwhelm.

Saving you time and money! 

You will love exploring the world of Canva and wonder how you lived without it…

You’ll get ALL of this for just £45.00

This 1 of a kind masterclass should be £130 but it's heavily discounted - because I want to help small businesses show-up better!

...and it comes with a bonus!

Your Burning Questions Answered

Yes, I have made this masterclass with beginners and non-designers in mind. It’s also ideal if you’ve dabbled in Canva or Publisher, but have not yet produced any designs that you like. Perhaps you think they’re not good enough, or don’t look like they are from your business. It’s not that you want to be a designer – you just want to know how to design things better in Canva.

No, that’s the beauty of this masterclass – you can use the free version of Canva throughout, which will allow you to do everything you want to do. 

The Canva Essentials masterclass full costs is £130 and the price for you is just £45.00 (already saving £80.00)

If you were to pay me as a professional designer to create each of the following materials for you once, this would cost you more than £195.00Branding guidelines (£65), 8 branded social media posts (£85.00), social media banner (£45)…

The skills you learn on this masterclass will mean you can create all of these marketing materials yourself without spending hours (or a fortune) on each one.

So you’ll never have to hire a graphic designer again for the small every day stuff!

This could end up saving you hundreds of pounds.

Yes – you will have an understanding of what good and bad design is and have more confidence using Canva to be able to experiment and explore other techniques. 

However Canva is just a programme and it will take time and practice as with any skill to get better and improve.

If you get stuck during the masterclass tutorial – join the Sarah Bates Design Facebook group and drop in a post in there using #askSarah, and then I can help you directly, or if it’s something I think the everyone may need help with, I will jump on Facebook Live to run through it.

It’s only 1 hour of your time!

Ultimately, if you want to make change happen in your business, you need to decide now if you’re committed.

People often give up on courses when they get stuck so if you join the Sarah Bates Design Facebook Group and put a post in there using #askSarah, then I will be able to help you!

I know you’ll do this masterclass because you are here reading this!

You know that by making this small investment of money and time, you’re investing in yourself and in your business which will save you lots of time and money in the long run!

If you want to hire me or pay me a retainer to help with your design and marketing then give me a call and we can have a chat!

But I honestly believe for the small day to day stuff – the social media posts, email graphics, blog posts you can do this yourself within your business!

Stick to the basics in this masterclass as it takes time and practice to develop these skills but by taking control of the small stuff – this will be more cost effective in the long run!

Sarah says...

The challenges facing business owners right now are huge and I know this masterclass can help you! In an image-bombarded world, we have to make sure our business is seen and ‘shows-up’ to engage our customers and attract potential leads, which is growing increasingly difficult. 

To even have a ‘chance of showing-up’ your marketing material has to work hard for your business and engage your customers – ‘stopping the scroll’. It cannot be generic or mediocre – it has to stand out above the crowd and shout loud! 

This is why I’ve designed this 1hr masterclass – so you can begin to improve your marketing material to show-up better!

Sarah x

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